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Sam is an Executive Coach specialising in Leadership Transformation. She works in the fields of Leadership and Team Development, Personal Mastery and is a Certified Five Lens Enneagram Practitioner. She is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC).

Sam’s Coaching Philosophy includes offering her clients a Thinking Partnership and Transformation Process of Listening, Questioning, Unlocking Potential and Facilitating Leadership of Self’. It seeks to amplify her clients’ Personal Mastery and Emotional Resilience, to support their life’s journey even with the complex challenges of our time, personally and professionally.

This partnership between Sam and her clients is rooted in supporting them to develop wholeheartedly and to enable them to engage with the world authentically. The purpose is to accentuate self-awareness, clarity and choicefulness. Her client experiences speak to this being a deeply personal and rewarding journey.

Sam’s Corporate experience includes working in Senior Leadership Roles in large multinational retail corporates. She has worked in South Africa, the United Kingdom and across the Middle East. These roles required her to be Agile, lean into strong Change Management Skills and to respond quickly & innovatively in a rapidly changing market. This was balanced with a long-term strategic perspective, and a focus on Team Leadership, Talent Development and Company Culture.

Her own career journey was positively impacted through partnering with a highly skilled Leadership Coach. This inspired her to take ownership and accountability of her Leadership Journey and Leadership of Self. “I put Continuous Improvement at the heart of my ‘way of being’ and I have noticed the aspects that have influenced my Coaching Framework. These include creating Safe Coaching Spaces and co-creating Thinking Environments to support my clients to bravely ‘step into the power of their own light’”.

Leadership Transformation & Facilitating Business Strategy is now Sam’s chosen career pathway. She is leaning into 25+ years of global experience in Planning & Merchandising, and extensive Values-Based Leadership experience to support Leaders, as they navigate their journeys.

Her coaching experience includes partnering with Leaders and Executives from Retail, IT, Conservation, Health & Fitness, the Municipal Government sectors and Private Individuals & Entrepreneurs.

On a personal note
, I have been married to Paul for 21 years and we are captivated by our Dog, Max. I am a passionate traveller and I enjoy food way too much. I try to balance this by regularly moving my body in a myriad of ways, including daily forest walks and practicing yoga.


  • The Beyond Imposter Syndrome Programme led by Dan Newby – School of Emotions (2023)
  • The Five Emotional Imperatives of Leadership Programme led by Dan Newby – School of Emotions (2023)
  • Emotions-Centered Coaching Programme led by Dan Newby – School of Emotions (2022)
  • Integral Coaching Practitioner Programme – The Coaching Centre (2022)
  • Five Lens Enneagram Certification – Ennea International (2021)
  • Ontological Coaching and Leadership in Action – Ontological Coaching Institute (2019)
  • Project Management Certification – Imsimbi (2016)
  • Leadership Embodiment – The Human Connection (2015)
  • Lean Leadership Programme – UCT Graduate School of Business (2013)
  • Management Development Programme – University of Stellenbosch (2004)

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about the seva collective

The SEVA Collective is a Boutique Leadership Transformation Consultancy created to inspire positive changes and support the next generation of leaders. It was founded in March 2022 and its purpose is rooted in SEVA – the selfless act of helping and uplifting others.

“A spiritual connection is developed with the world when we offer selfless service for the benefit and interests of others without the expectation of outcome. In the wisdom tradition of India, this is called SEVA – action that is not motivated by the ego, and rather for the benefit of and interests of others”.

The SEVA Collective comes together as a Sangha which is a like-minded community of practitioners who can uplift you and support your journey. This community exists because of you, the clients who come together with open hearts and minds to connect, share, inspire, learn, and thrive.

We have a deep interest in Personal Mastery and Emotional Resilience & Literacy and have supported Leaders in amplifying their leadership of self, launching new businesses, strategically maximising performance and growing market share.

We are also incredibly proud of the work we have done and will continue to support and champion diverse and women-led businesses. It remains our mission to amplify the voices of diversity in business and encourage people to use their consumer power to support businesses with phenomenal entrepreneurs at the helm.

We live in a moment of extreme uncertainty, anxiety, and fragility. Yet even with the complex challenges of our time, we nevertheless experience a deep sense of hope regarding the profound changes manifesting in many places and communities. Hope, as we know from Václav Havel, is not the belief that something will turn out well. It is the certainty that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out. That is the spirit we are experiencing in many corners of our community now. 

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