executive & leadership coaching

what is executive coaching?

Executive Coaching is a future-focused leadership investment which supports empowering individuals to lead with impact and influence. The focus is on key decision-makers in an Organisation and is aimed at supporting them to reach their maximum potential and deliver exceptional results.

Our coaching services are tailored to the individual and designed to facilitate personal growth and amplify leadership capacity & agility. In the context of a VUCA–World (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous), we support leaders to lean into creativity, consistency, emotional resilience and a clear strategic focus. Some of the desired success measures are to strengthen Team Leadership Skills and to thrive in uncertainty. Our Mission is for this to have a ripple effect and positively impact Corporate Culture.

A study by MetrixGlobal found that Executive Coaching yielded a 529% ROI – an outstanding financial return for an investment in Essential Skills Development and the benefits proved to extend far beyond the C-suite, leading to increased employee retention across the Organisation.

Leaning into Author Cory Muscara, “We believe that our world needs minds that are equipped ‘to be’ with the complexity of life. Minds that can hold nuance, polarity & multiple perspectives. Minds that can stay grounded, centered, open and embrace the full range of what it means to be human, and to activate this capacity for individual and collective transformation.”

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what is leadership coaching?

Leadership Coaching is an intentional process of partnering with a skilled Professional Coach to take ownership and accountability for your leadership capacity & capability, personal mastery amplification and the impact and influence you have on others. It is a valuable process for anyone wanting to develop their potential and lead with a future-focused mindset.

Our Mission is to partner with you in a safe and ethical space to explore and connect to your life’s purpose, what you are passionate about and your unique challenges. On this journey we would focus on exploring limiting beliefs, illuminating your blind spots, supporting you as a thinking partner to identify strengths, opportunities, solutions and actions to unlock your personal and professional potential.

At The Seva Collective we support you to develop your whole self, to enable you to engage with the world authentically, from a place of worthiness and belonging. The purpose is to accentuate self-awareness, clarity and choicefulness.

As you navigate a path forward and turn solutions, objectives and dreams into actions, we support you in being both a mapmaker and a traveller, continuously exploring and moving toward your destination. Our client experiences speak to this being a deeply personal and rewarding journey.

Benefits of EXECUTIVE & LEADERSHIP Coaching 

  • Empower yourself to lead consciously & sustainably, perform better and achieve exceptional results
  • Amplify interpersonal relationships, communication skills and engagement levels
  • Develop a Coaching Mindset and amplify Team Leadership & Talent Development
  • Discover opportunities for paradigm shifts out of current assumptions and self-limiting beliefs
  • Deepen your level of learning, self-awareness, leadership presence and develop a courageous mindset
  • Curiously explore creative solutions, actions, clarity and choice
  • Commit and act toward achieving goals and improving specific skill sets & behaviours which positively influence the future
  • Expand your emotional intelligence, literacy and resilience
  • Reduce stress, stay centered and manage personal reactivity

what we offer

One to One Executive and Leadership Coaching In-Person & Online

Ad Hoc Coaching

Tailor-made Coaching Journeys aligned to meet you where you are at

Group Coaching

Coaching Workshops

Corporate Wellness Coaching Journeys & Wellness Coaching Events

it’s time

Start your Coaching Transformation Journey by booking a complimentary Connect Session with us.

Tips to establishing coaching chemistry & partnering with the right coach for you

Executive & Leadership Coaching is an intentional time and financial investment for Individuals and Organisations. It is important to establish the right fit with your Professional Coach, understand their experience and to set up a relationship that will deliver to your personal and professional intentions.

The connect conversation should clarify the following:

A confidential and ethical coaching container where you feel positive levels of psychological safety and a sense of being listened to, connected with, respected and understood.

The Coach is focused on managing their own feelings, accurately observing your feelings, and tactfully responding in ways that minimises defensiveness. The purpose of coaching is to get personalised and impactful feedback, to amplify self-awareness and to lean into inspired conversations. A good Coach tactfully delivers impactful feedback, even if it is not what the client wants to hear.

A Professional Coach should also be able to move coaching sessions past ‘reality checks’ to explore incisive questions, potential paths forward and resourceful skills to practice. 

Explore how accountability and long-term sustainable transformation are supported by tracking measures, timelines and progress.

A chance to get a feel for the Coach’s style, method and the Coaching tools they use and whether they can adapt and be flexible to your learning style and work with your objectives.

At The SEVA Collective we have leaned into a systemic ‘way of being’ and created frameworks and models that are flexible and  support our coach / client engagements and relationships.

This supports working with our clients in a seamless way and tapping into what is important to them: deep listening; being present in the coaching container; questioning models; noticing emerging themes; client actions and key learnings. This all supports the holistic and inclusive Coaching style we strive toward.

we look forward to welcoming you on board

High-level, supportive coaching containers tend to be 3+ months. It takes time to embed behavioural change and there is a case to be made for committing to something for a long time. Your coaching investment is a mirror for your results.

How do I start the Journey?


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Session Length: 60 or 90 Minutes


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